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Ace TJ 5G Is...


“I have loved Ace & TJ since they came on the air in the Charlotte area. I listen to the daily podcast every day. Over the weekend I go back and listen to TJ & Jodi’s house. I try my best to catch Live From the Living Room and any other live feeds. Ace, TJ, Riggins, Alexis, and Rob feel like friends.”

KELLY / Ace & TJ Listener

“I love the new Ace & TJ 5G, it makes it very convenient to listen to Ace & TJ everyday. I love all the podcasts, Share Funny makes my days soo much better!! I also love the live podcast and can’t wait to attend another one!”

Ace & TJ Listener

“I love having the Ace & TJ show available whenever and wherever I can listen! Being able to watch them on YouTube brings a whole new dynamic to being a fan! “

Ace & TJ Listener

“I listen to the pod cast every day. The only thing is, I listen on the way to work so I’m always behind! I miss when they have public events so I need to do better and keep up! I y’all so much that I boycotted 95.1 when y’all left. I love how I can listen anytime! I love everyone on the show now! Love Alexis!! We are both “Fun Size”!!!! I actually wore heels to an event so that I would be taller than her!! Riggins, I’ll say this. If I were not married, I’d be trying to date you! Any who, love the cast and love the show!!! I need to find the pictures I have with everyone and send them! “

MIKA / Ace & TJ Listener

“I love Ace & Tj 5G so much, I’d pay for it!”

HEATHER / Ace & TJ Listener